Secrets of an Animal Rescuer
Shirly Zindler

The Secret Life of Dog Catchers
An Animal Control Officers Passion to Make a Difference
Authored by Shirley Zindler

The heartwarming true story of the demanding and rewarding life of an animal control officer, wife and mother. Her passion to make a difference shines through during exciting animal rescues and funny situations to scary police raids and gang encounters. The story is told with warmth, humor and most of all compassion for mans best friend and the other animals and people that make up her world. Follow along as the author adopts and trains a wild mustang and a terrified Great Dane and deals with the trials and triumphs of of the job. Attempts to balance career and home life will leave you with a smile. Animal lovers of all kinds will enjoy this entertaining and joyful book.

Shirley Zindler is an animal control officer in Northern California. She lives with her husband and children and numerous rescued pets. She writes for an animal shelter newsletter, blogs for Bark Magazine and is working on a second book about her life with animals.